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Gift Art and Stories from members and friends. I'd love everyone to appreciate the work they've done.~

Commission List

Commission List

1. :iconzyxon-v: - 10%
2. :iconthejboy88: - 0%
3. :iconlaurenlily96: - 0%
4. :iconlycanthropash: - 0%

Sketch Commissions

1. :iconsnakemactavish: - 0%


Experimenting putting my commission list on the front page to see if this helps people understand how to read. =)

These are base prices! Meaning I could if necessary add more of a charge to a commission depending on what it is, how detailed you want it, etc etc.

Com - Hogtied Hound by HomunculusLover Com - Oni's Menu: Decisions by HomunculusLover Com - Nose Fluffer by HomunculusLover

Black and white commissions.

From chibi commissions £13.00/$22.00 + £5.00/$9.00 for additional character or background.

To full image character commissions £16.00/$27.50 + £8.00/$14.00 for addition character or background.

Com - Chibi Kage by HomunculusLover Com - Buttons are meant to be pressed. by HomunculusLover Com - Kissing Companions by HomunculusLover

Basic Colour commissions.

From chibi commissions £17.00/$28.00 + £11.00/$17.00 for additional character or background.

To full image character commissions £24.00/$38.00 + £13.00/$22.00 for additional character or background.

Com - Couch Cuddle Buddies by HomunculusLover Suited Up by HomunculusLover Can't Master This Monster by HomunculusLover

Full Detail Commissions.

From chibi commissions £20.00/$35.00 + £13.00/$22.00 for additional character or background.

To full image character commissions £34.00/$55.00 + £17.00/$28.00 for additional character or background.

Com - Office Dilema Part 2 by HomunculusLover Persistence Of A Grunt by HomunculusLover Strip Life - Gloves Be Rollin' by HomunculusLover

Comic Strips.

From £40.00/$64.00 upwards. Comic Commission may go up to £70.00/$107.00 or more depending.

:skullbones: Also, some commissioners in the past ask for "strips" and then ask for a large amount of stuff to be added to it which can't be done. Think about the amount before you ask, if you're unsure. Please ask me, majority of the time. Your commission needs to be a page.

Important Information/FAQ

Please Read

:skull: Are these set prices?

:skullbones: No, its not set in stone. Prices could vary considering what people ask for and how difficult it may be.

:skull: What kind of art do you do?

:skullbones: I will give a simple list, but the best thing I suggest is tell me what you want. I won't judge, I'll simply give a yes or no to what you ask for. It may not be a case of "Oh dear god no, that's disgusting you freak." It could just be a case of "Even if I did attempt it, I really don't think it would be what you expected."

Gender twists
Fanart - Game character, anime characters, etc.
Kinky stuff. (ask lol)

:skull: How do we pay?

:skullbones: Paypal....just paypal. No exceptions.

:skull: When do we pay?

:skullbones: I don't enjoy when people pay just before I start. I prefer they pay either when I finish the commission or if I'm half way done with the commission. I don't show the image until they have paid unless they want a sample sketch of what's been done so far. Once payment is ready to be received, I pass on my email address to my Paypal account you will need.

:skull: If I tell you names of people I want you to draw, will you just do it?

:skullbones: No, I'm not going to know names of many characters whether they be from an anime/manga/game/tv series/etc. I need image references of the character you're wanting me to draw whether it's yourself or anyone. I need photos or image references. So PLEASE give references of who you want. If you can't provide reference, give a full detail description. I can never seem to stress that enough with people. If you do give references for characters, they need to be good full body references so I know what they look like or it'll slow down the procedure of your commission. If there's certain mannerisms, abilities or anything towards the character you want involved. Provide a video or images.

:skull: Once you've done the commission, do you post it in deviantART?

:skullbones: Not all the time. Some things I may not feel overly fond about showing in the gallery.

:skull: Can I post it in my gallery?

:skullbones: You've paid for the piece, As long as you don't claim it as your own and credit me for the work at hand, then that's fine.

Please don't complain about the prices. If they are too expensive for you, I couldn't care less for people's comments at me just because I should give you free things. Bills aren't cheap and can't be paid with fresh fucking air.~ I'm trying to make a living.

The exchange rate also changes a lot, so I'm having to change prices all the time.

Also, I will charge for constantly chop and changes if you wish to have things done over and over. I won't be taken advantage. If you want a lot of things changed, I will charge you a fee. I don't mind criticism, but I don't do constant changes.

Easiest way to go about it is a form to help. =)

Type of Commission: <Meaning what do you want out of the choices given you such as outline, full colour or a comic>

Commission Description: <A very detailed description of what you want. If it's a full image, give all detail on everything you can see in your mind. If it's a comic, give detail of each individual panel>

References: <Links to high quality pictures or photos for characters and people involved in the commission. If not, a very descriptive analysis of the persons features. I only accept videos based on any abilities you want involved, or to explain certain mannerisms. Be aware, I can refuse to draw a character or person.>

Have More Questions?

If you do have anymore questions, please be sure to note me. ==>… <== here.


I don't know how to feel when three legends have been taken from us...and its only the second week into the year....
A legend has died today. One I grew up with. With his music, his acting, his work.

R.I.P David Bowie. I'll miss you. Absolutely devastated.
Advice for tonight: Talk about the brightness of your future, not the bleak darkness of your past. It makes you feel better in the long run and can lift the people around you too. 

JamBerry Finale and Other News

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 31, 2015, 2:44 PM

Christmas Jamberry by HomunculusLover 
So this is the last day for the art jam...and I didn't even realise til a few hours ago. Hahah. I've been out of tune from the days and everything unfortunately. I became ill on christmas eve, but it wasn't THAT bad. I had a bit of a cough, a cough that unfortunately got worse on Christmas day....aaaand then I had to go home early from work on boxing day because I was feeling like crap. I thought a bit of rest and ease would make me better, I had a day off, good stuff...unfortunately I missed two days of work because it got a lot worse to points where I've struggled to eat and sleep. This cough not only unsettling, but set off ulcers in my mouth and made it a pain in the arse. So on Tuesday where I'd received next to nothing of sleep, I rang the doctors and got an early appointment thankfully. Turns out I have a chest infection which it pretty shitty, but y'know! It happens. lol So I'm on anti-biotics and an inhaler. 

I'm feeling a difference in myself now...I'm mean, I'm on the laptop! Heh, I've not touched this since the 21st. Any other responses has been on my phone. Throughout my sickness, I've been playing nothing but games. I've completed five games since I became ill....goes to show what happens when Kate can't do anything else. lol 

But enough about that! 


This is the closing of the art jam, I'm so sorry I couldn't contribute much more. Its been a little sad to only submit one thing myself, I do hope I can do much more next year! But my god, the amount of beautiful entries that have been handed in..I've got to say. I was a little worried there wasn't going to be much, but I was surprised by the results!! 

This has been one festive Jamberry! I'm so happy and I want to thank everyone who took part in it!! Its be an outburst of Christmas cheer and I have just loved it!! 


I do hope you'll all join me in a little something that will be starting next year.....aka next month. Heh. As I will be holding a competition for my 10 years of being with DeviantART. 

Have a great New Year everyone!I hope you all had a good Christmas! 


Decorating with the skele-buddies by BoneBoneKingHomunculuslover Christmas Jamberry. by Kenzoe64Snow Figures by RBM-InkTeaser Teasing. by MCKaosuSnow day by LycanthropAshSnowy Snowdin by candlegirl Christmas Eve Fever! (Holiday Special)
     “Jingle bells, jingles bells, jingles bells rock! Jingle bells swing and jingle rings!” The sound of a Christmas song playing on the radio.
     “I love this song!” Cooki smiled moving her head back and forth to the sounds of the music playing on the radio.
     “It is indeed a good song to put you into the holiday spirit!” Cosmo hugged her sister.
     Cosmo and Cooki were relaxing while having a brother and sister time by watching Olive the other Reindeer on Tv. The two twins laugh at the silly cartoon movie. Cosmo playfully ruffled his sister’s hair making her blush a bit knowing it was his way of showing brotherly love to his twin sister. The movie ended as the both of them got off the couch as they were putting on their winter clothes.
     “You ready, Cooki?” Cosmo asked Cooki.
     “Indeed, but…
A Fairy's Fluttering Festivities by HomunculusLover

Okey kiddos, you wanted me to do this properly, so here goes nothing.~ 

Let the annual and official Christmas Jamberry begin! 

As you are all aware, its a time of decorations, gift giving, snowman making, singing songs and enjoying the company of others! As Bill Murray said from Scrooged;

"It's the one night of the year when we all act a little nicer, we smile a little easier, we cheer a little more. For a couple of hours out of the whole year, we are the people that we always hoped we would be!"

So lets do just that and express ourselves in our art! 

I do have a few rules for it for you to stick by. ;3 

Christmas Tree It needs to be festive as fuck! 
Christmas Tree No nudity, no fetish. That's right, I want clean fun.
Christmas Tree Your entry needs to have the Christmas Jamberry logo on it.~ (the big image above.~ )
Christmas Tree Involve your characters, my characters, as long as they're having a good time, so much the better! 
Christmas Tree The deadline for the jam will be the 31st December. 
Christmas Tree Enjoy yourselves. Have fun.

I am hoping still to make up a picture for a colouring competition, if I can't, guh. Might think of something else. XD 

There you have it my friends.~ Enjoy the festivities. 

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5% Sane Sadist *grins*
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Hello there! I'm HomunculusLover.

As you may have noticed my gallery contains the anime/manga styled art which yes, I'm sure many see as being quite overrated, but I don't care for opinions. My work tends to be a combination of cute and fetish. Though being a fetish artist, usually things that aren't fetish related don't really get much looks in by the people watching me. The curse of being a fetish artist.~ But alas, I enjoy the work I do here and there. I try to work very hard on it, though like many artists, there's still so much to learn.


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