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Gift - Maid Be Milking :iconhomunculuslover:HomunculusLover 206 23
Solitude Pg 2 :iconhomunculuslover:HomunculusLover 61 20 Com - Dame In Peril :iconhomunculuslover:HomunculusLover 446 63 My Heart For A Demon Maid :iconhomunculuslover:HomunculusLover 53 14 Melly + Gatz :iconhomunculuslover:HomunculusLover 97 18 Solitude Pg 1 :iconhomunculuslover:HomunculusLover 108 24 January Chibi Raffle Winner: Princia Ramode :iconhomunculuslover:HomunculusLover 30 4 Patreon Chibi Raffle Winner January: Kailee :iconhomunculuslover:HomunculusLover 35 4 Com - Scorpion Tea time :iconhomunculuslover:HomunculusLover 50 7 January Chibi Raffle (Raffle OVER) :iconhomunculuslover:HomunculusLover 17 80 New Year Giggles :iconhomunculuslover:HomunculusLover 232 53 Chocolatte :iconhomunculuslover:HomunculusLover 29 5 Com - Chibi Shiokaze :iconhomunculuslover:HomunculusLover 27 4 Com - Chibi Work Out :iconhomunculuslover:HomunculusLover 38 5 Chibi Winner December 2016 - Lash :iconhomunculuslover:HomunculusLover 42 12 Christmas Tease :iconhomunculuslover:HomunculusLover 65 34

Wonderful Gifts

Gift Art and Stories from members and friends. I'd love everyone to appreciate the work they've done.~

Commission List

Commission List

1. :iconlycanthropash: - 0%
2. :iconlance-c-bones: - 40% Page 2
3. :iconvampirecrazy: - 30%
4. :iconticklishandinlove: - 0%
5. :iconphil-of-olympius: - 0%
6: :iconthejboy88: -0%
7: :iconcap1483: -0%


Experimenting putting my commission list on the front page to see if this helps people understand how to read. =)

These are base prices! Meaning I could if necessary add more of a charge to a commission depending on what it is, how detailed you want it, etc etc.

Com - Hogtied Hound by HomunculusLover Little Freaks by HomunculusLover Ellie Dolpache by HomunculusLover

Black and white commissions.

From chibi commissions £13.00/$20.50 + £5.00/$9.00 for additional character or background.

To full image character commissions £16.00/$27.50 + £8.00/$14.00 for addition character or background.

Com - Chibi Kage by HomunculusLover Com - Buttons are meant to be pressed. by HomunculusLover SkeleHell by HomunculusLover

Basic Colour commissions.

From chibi commissions £17.00/$28.00 + £11.00/$18.00 for additional character or background.

To full image character commissions £24.00/$37.00 + £13.00/$20.50 for additional character or background.

Com - Couch Cuddle Buddies by HomunculusLover Puppet Plunder by HomunculusLover Can't Master This Monster by HomunculusLover Yuphelia by HomunculusLover

Full Detail Commissions.

From chibi commissions £20.00/$31.00 + £13.00/$20.50 for additional character or background.

To full image character commissions £38.00/$57.50 + £17.00/$28.00 for additional character or background.

Its What's Underneath That Counts Pt 1 by HomunculusLover Puppet Panic by HomunculusLover Strip Life - Gloves Be Rollin' by HomunculusLover

Comic Strips.

From £40.00/$60.00 upwards. Comic Commission may go up to £70.00/$101.00 or more depending.

:skullbones: Also, some commissioners in the past ask for "strips" and then ask for a large amount of stuff to be added to it which can't be done. Think about the amount before you ask, if you're unsure. Please ask me, majority of the time. Your commission needs to be a page.

:skullbones: Please note: Prices change a lot, please understand I'm making a living.

Important Information/FAQ

Please Read

:skull: Are these set prices?

:skullbones: No, its not set in stone. Prices could vary considering what people ask for and how difficult it may be.

:skull: What kind of art do you do?

:skullbones: I will give a simple list, but the best thing I suggest is tell me what you want. I won't judge, I'll simply give a yes or no to what you ask for. It may not be a case of "Oh dear god no, that's disgusting you freak." It could just be a case of "Even if I did attempt it, I really don't think it would be what you expected."

Gender twists
Fanart - Game character, anime characters, etc.
Kinky stuff. (ask lol)

:skull: How do we pay?

:skullbones: Paypal....just paypal. No exceptions. Also, I'll point out the obvious.

Yes, you need an account with Paypal.
Yes, you need money in your bank account to pay.

If you have problems with paypal or you're unsure how it works. Tell me BEFORE I've done the commission. It saved wasting my time.

:skull: When do we pay?

:skullbones: I don't enjoy when people pay just before I start. I prefer they pay either when I finish the commission or if I'm half way done with the commission. I don't show the image until they have paid unless they want a sample sketch of what's been done so far. Once payment is ready to be received, I pass on my email address to my Paypal account you will need.

:skull: If I tell you names of people I want you to draw, will you just do it?

:skullbones: No, I'm not going to know names of many characters whether they be from an anime/manga/game/tv series/etc. I need image references of the character you're wanting me to draw whether it's yourself or anyone. I need photos or image references. So PLEASE give references of who you want. If you can't provide reference, give a full detail description. I can never seem to stress that enough with people. If you do give references for characters, they need to be good full body references so I know what they look like or it'll slow down the procedure of your commission. If there's certain mannerisms, abilities or anything towards the character you want involved. Provide a video or images.

:skull: Once you've done the commission, do you post it in deviantART?

:skullbones: Not all the time. Some things I may not feel overly fond about showing in the gallery.

:skull: Can I post it in my gallery?

:skullbones: You've paid for the piece, As long as you don't claim it as your own and credit me for the work at hand, then that's fine.

Please don't complain about the prices. If they are too expensive for you, I couldn't care less for people's comments at me just because I should give you free things. Bills aren't cheap and can't be paid with fresh fucking air.~ I'm trying to make a living.

The exchange rate also changes a lot, so I'm having to change prices all the time.

Also, I will charge for constantly chop and changes if you wish to have things done over and over. I won't be taken advantage. If you want a lot of things changed, I will charge you a fee. I don't mind criticism, but I don't do constant changes.

Easiest way to go about it is a form to help. =)

Type of Commission: <Meaning what do you want out of the choices given you such as outline, full colour or a comic>

Commission Description: <A very detailed description of what you want. If it's a full image, give all detail on everything you can see in your mind. If it's a comic, give detail of each individual panel>

References: <Links to high quality pictures or photos for characters and people involved in the commission. If not, a very descriptive analysis of the persons features. I only accept videos based on any abilities you want involved, or to explain certain mannerisms. Be aware, I can refuse to draw a character or person.>

Have More Questions?

If you do have anymore questions, please be sure to note me. ==>… <== here.



HomunculusLover has started a donation pool!
10,000 / 20,000
I'm working towards getting an actual PC that'll help me a lot as I'm struggling greatly with my laptop these days. Any paypal donations will be greatly appreciated, I may even be able to do more like streaming if I get one.

Thank you to you all for your generosity, I also accept PayPal donations.~

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    Donated Aug 25, 2016, 3:24:08 AM
  • Kenzoe64
    Donated Aug 25, 2016, 3:22:32 AM

Jamberry Winners!

Sun Jan 22, 2017, 10:40 AM by HomunculusLover:iconhomunculuslover:

So another Jamberry over! I'm really overwhelmed with the entries! Thank you all for participating! 

It was a hard decision and it still is! So, though a little unorthodox, there's two winners! 

Our two winners are;

:iconlycanthropash: Staying in for Christmas by LycanthropAsh

:iconralftheralfman: -   Tropical Christmas Jamberry by RalfTheRalfMan 

You are my two winners! All the entries were fantastic. I adored the stories, but I can't deny. The creativity and ideas that went behind these two pictures really got to me the most! X3 

Please, send me a note to let me know what you want sketched up. ;D 

Thank you all again! Til later again this year. ;3 Won't be long til Christmas! 

Skin by SimplySilent


So I'm not down with the kids these days. Is Discord like the new hip Skype? 


5% Sane Sadist *grins*
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
Hello there! I'm HomunculusLover.

As you may have noticed my gallery contains the anime/manga styled art which yes, I'm sure many see as being quite overrated, but I don't care for opinions. My work tends to be a combination of cute and fetish. Though being a fetish artist, usually things that aren't fetish related don't really get much looks in by the people watching me. The curse of being a fetish artist.~ But alas, I enjoy the work I do here and there. I try to work very hard on it, though like many artists, there's still so much to learn.

Who would be better off tickled out of my favourite guys? 

49 deviants said Male Fight Class (Disgaea)
48 deviants said Sans (Undertale)
27 deviants said Zelos (Tales Of symphonia)
18 deviants said Vyers (Disgaea Hour of Darkness)
17 deviants said Glyde Loathe (Misadventures of Tron Bonne)
15 deviants said Sephiroth (Final Fantasy VII)
9 deviants said Zaveid (Tales Of Zestiria)


Mar 26, 2017
9:19 am
Mar 26, 2017
8:49 am
Mar 26, 2017
8:44 am
Mar 26, 2017
8:09 am
Mar 26, 2017
6:12 am


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